Glock 43x plus 1

Glock 43x plus 1

Some of my friends joked this was too close to a Gucci Glock for their taste; I guess my New Jersey showed that day because I think the Silver versions are awesome looking pistols.

Either way, this summer Glock released the 43x and 48 with a factory black nPVD finish to the slide that will soothe those with ruffled feathers by a silver Glock.

Best Glock 43 Magazine Extensions – [Honest Review 2020]

There is no difference between the silver or the black finishes to 43X or the First off, it should be noted that between these two pistols, the 43X and the 48, there are shared features. For example, both accept the same round single stack magazine. This allowed GLOCK to redesign the frame and grip from the original 43 to the slimline version that is shared by both pistols here.

While I have held and shot a 43, the bulky grip was one thing I never enjoyed, I also absolutely needed the extension for my pinky. The 43X and 48 have entirely done away with the bulky grip- problem by making the frame a bit longer and in the process more narrow. For some, the additional length of the grip might be an issue as that is the part of the firearm most likely to print underneath a shirt.

For myself concealing a Glock 19 IWB is easily done without printing. So to argue that the 43x or the 48 presents a challenge is a bit laughable to me. During the summer I traveled throughout Wyoming on my way to a 3 gun competition in Cody. Throughout my travels of that state, I cycled between the Glock 43X and the 48 using two CrossBreed holsters to keep them concealed.

Rolling around in shorts, T-shirts, and tactical flops I had no issues keeping both pistols concealed not at the same time. Now that it is colder out, keeping these pistols concealed is easier than its ever been.

Just to quickly touch on the CrossBreed holsters, as they were my primary means for carrying the 43X and Both holsters were identical Reckoning IWB setups and were used for appendix carry. Both were very comfortable, definitely due to the leather backing, and remained comfortable even while sitting in a car and driving for hours throughout Wyoming.

Drawing the gun is smooth and has adjustable retention if you want to snug it down even more. One thing that you can add to this holster system is a sidecar magazine pouch, this puts your spare right next to your holster and removes cluttering your pockets with another magazine.

Going back to the grip briefly, it really does make a difference for both pistols out on the range. No longer needing an extended magazine to keep my pinky on the gun means there is one less thing to remember as I grip the gun for a draw. This is a big deal for humans with normal-sized hands and it leads to an overall better experience shooting. Not only is the extended length a benefit but the grips narrow profile at only 1.

While the grip is where these two pistols are identical, it is the slide where things change in length. With a longer barrel, sight radius, and overall length the Glock 48 is undoubtedly the larger of the two pistols, but that does not mean harder to conceal.

On the contrary, the 48 is as easy to conceal and in my opinion, was easier and more enjoyable to shoot than the smaller 43X. Triggers on both pistols were pretty similar, and both benefit from the upgrades found in the Gen 5 versions of Glock pistols. I did put both on a trigger gauge and found the 48 came in a touch lighter than the 43X.

Pulling both triggers can be described as some take up to a hard wall, a clean break, and an audible reset with the right length for fast follow up shots.

For me, I feel very comfortable behind these guns, I also own a Glocks and the trigger is right inline whit what you would expect from others. During my time on the range, I found that under slide-lock conditions activating the slide release with my thumb was not necessarily the easiest thing.

glock 43x plus 1

My solution was to simply change my methodology from the micro-movement of using my thumb to release the slide to the macro-movement of racking the slide. The upside of this design is the slide release is highly unlikely to snag on anything during your draw. If you abhor coming over the top of your pistol to rack it into action and are vehement that you use your thumbs to release the slide, you still can do that but you need to commit to it in training.

It requires the right amount of pressure that I guess my girly hands cannot manage, so I will go over the top and you do whatever floats your boat. My point is you will have to commit to what works best for you, in this case with these pistols I found it easier to rack the slide to get it back in action.

On another note of the slide, there are front serrations on both pistols for the press-checkers in the crowd, Glock has finally cut up the front end.The new Glock on the block is the G43X. Back in the olden days, Glocks were fat. While most people can conceal a Glock 19, it was wider than a When Bill Clinton signed the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act ofUnited States federal law prohibited the manufacture of magazines for civilian use which held more than ten rounds.

During this dark period, Glock built a compact double stack 9mm, the Glock 26, which made a virtue of necessity, using a round magazine, the new maximum. The G26 was genius because the internals and magazine profiles for all 9mm Glocks were the same. The differences were the lengths of the barrels and magazine wells. The problem: the Glock 26 was still fat. Many shooters wanted a thin and light gun for everyday carry. Competitors lined up their tiny guns against Glock. The G Both models have been highly successful.

Let me start in praise of the Glock In a previous postI gushed over its concealability and reliability. The 43 became a great carry gun for me inside the waistband, on an ankle or anywhere else I needed it when bulk and weight were at a premium.

Life was happy in concealed carry world until SIG came out with their very clever P I will be sticking to the Glock 43 in the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, the G is a proven design. Glock recently produced the one-millionth Glock Magazines: The magazine capacity of the G43X is 10 rounds, this is good.

The problem is that I already have perfectly good, highly reliable G magazines, some with extensions and I would have to replace them. Holsters: I already have perfectly good, fairly expensive holsters for the G43 and I would have to replace them as well. In my mind, the silver is a retro fashion faux pas associated with cheap handguns. The classic black or new wave brown are more my thing. Training: I have become comfortable with the G43 in its role as an everyday carry gun.

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I have trained with it and know its strengths and weaknesses. It is a big decision to change guns and sign up for the thousands of repetitions needed for unconscious competence with manipulations.This is not because Glocks are bad handguns — in fact, they are arguably the most reliable firearms available! Glock finally got the message and came out with teeny-tiny Glock pistols… first the Glock 42 in ACP which drove people crazy but they still bought it for a year and then finally the Glock 43 in 9mm.

It took Glock a while to catch-up and it appears that this G43x is their attempt. Glock has finally been introducing these on their handguns and they are a nice feature.

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The Glock 43x is an interesting move. On one hand, the news has hit the industry with a bit of a thud. On the other hand, kudos to Glock! They are one of the rare manufacturers who are actually listening to their customers. Glock listened and here it is.

The Glock was just a bit too tiny for my hands. I carried the G43 knowing that it was better than nothing and I liked the concealability. This G43X is still small enough for me to easily conceal while being just the right size in my hands to effectively control and shoot. This can be frustrating to consumers but both of these companies know way more about how to manufacture and sell products than I do.

And, it must work — both produce quality products. Both companies also have intense followers who clamor over each new product iteration even though it may only offer slight improvements over prior models. When you pick up the Glock 43x, it feels like a…well…Glock.

The controls are where I expect them, the grip angle is familiar, and the trigger is predictable with a strong reset. Although the overall grip size is better than the Glock 43, it was still a bit of a Glock-brick. Something about the larger more square Glock grips of the larger models maintains alignment better in my hand. This may seem like a small gripe about a small grip it isbut we want to make sure that you get the full picture.

Second, this is pure personal preference, but I think that the sliver slide makes the Glock 43x look cheap. Your mileage may vary. Based on our experience, it is going to be very popular for concealed carry. The standard sights that come with Glocks are horrible, and in truth, will probably be the first thing that breaks if you are not careful.

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Beyond that fact that this sight has nice tritium dots, I like it because of its durability. Check Amazon Price. There are so many sights you can get for your Glock 43x. There is no way to see them all, however this is another good set that we like that also has nice tritium dots along with a lifetime warranty.

Still not convinced about the Glock 43X? Below is another similar CCW gun that we have written a review on, and we also recommend.


The Glock 43X is a fun firearm to own and for that reason I actually get excited about the maintenance. If you take care of it, it will last a lifetime! We found this video to give you a good perspective on the Glock 43X and it does a good job explaining…. You can never have too much info about your firearm.

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Vote count: No votes so far! Be the first to rate this post.Please allow days for shipping. Does not alter the capacity of the magazine. This extension replaces the magazine floor plate providing extra gripping surface for better control and comfort without altering the capacity of the factory magazine.


This product will not fit the Glock It does not alter capacity. All your State and local laws apply. This extension replaces the magazine floor plate providing one extra round of capacity and additional gripping surface for better control and comfort while also incorporating the factory texture pattern. Also fits model 30 nine round mags. This extension will also fit the Glock 30S. Fills in the cavity in the heel of the grip body utilizing a friction fit to secure it to the frame.

For SF Short Frames only. Will not fit the Generation 4 frame. All your State and local restrictions apply. This extension replaces the magazine floor plate providing extra gripping surface for better control and comfort without altering the capacity of the factory magazine while also incorporating the factory texture pattern.

Will only fit frames made after July GLOCK compact and full size grip enhancer Fills the semi-circular cut-out in the lower front strap of the frame adding gripping surface. For generation 2 and 3 frames with front cutout. Fits M26,27,33, Will not fit Generation 4 or 5 frames. Fits M17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,31,32,34,35,37, Will not fit Short frames or Generation 4 or 5 frames.

Glock 43X Review

Increases the capacity of 9mm magazines by 2 rounds. Increases the capacity of the magazine by 2 rounds. Incorporates fourth generation texture pattern.While that sounds like a no-brainer, many factors, such as the size of the magazine can be a concern for Glock owners who practice concealed carry.

With a range of designs, carrying capacity, and sizes, finding the right product can be a hassle. Extended magazines have a reputation for being bulkier, heavier, and harder to conceal. Some extended magazines add a single extra round and use up very little relative space.

glock 43x plus 1

Glock 43 with extended magazine Source. You should note that the quality of the product is a big determining factor. For this reason, we recommend reading our reviews, as the products we examine are high-quality and mitigate these concerns. In a self-defense situationextra rounds can fast become a life-or-death factor.

Like many parts and accessories for your Glock, not all extended magazines are created equal. Whether for self-defense or sport, varying capacities can be appealing.

Shield Arms S15 Glock G43x /G48 15 Rd Magazine Review

Do you want to shoot more and reload less with a larger extended magazine, or just want an extra round for self-defense? Thankfully, most extended magazines that add one or two rounds and are designed for concealed carry are priced similarly to standard magazines. These are our recommendations for the best magazine extensions for the Glock The following is a list of the Glock 43 magazine extensions that are currently on the market.

As you go through each one on the list, consider some of the features and characteristics. You might choose one based on something that will stand out to you in some way. Below are the best magazine extenders on the market for Glock All are designed to offer one or two additional rounds, and all are affordable and provide a greater level of concealment than products not on our list. That said, each offers a unique design, concealability, and of course, price tag. This was a great magazine extension for a lot of new users.

They were able to install this on a good number of Glock 43 magazines and extend their capacities in seconds. One user said that this was much needed when he was using his Glock 43 for competition shooting purposes.

He said that while he had extra magazines, he bought one just to put it to the test. But this one will give you the three in total. So it will up your magazines from six to nine in an instant. If you want a magazine extension that is easy to install and solid in construction, this could be right up your alley. Tyrant is a firearms components manufacturer out of Chicago. Their CNC manufactured Glock 43 mag extension is fast and easy to install.

The whole process takes under ten seconds and doesn't require tools. These aircraft-grade aluminum mag extensions maintain the profile of your Glock handle without changing the ergonomics.

These extensions also have much better aesthetics than most of their blocky and awkward looking competitors. With their smooth cambered edges, they have more of a custom build look that is sure to draw comments at the range. They come in five colors, black, grey, blue, red, and aluminum.Just Bought one today without even knowing they existed.

Guy at gunshop said check out the 43Xand I was like Wtf is he talking abouthe showed me the gun i held it much better than a reg 43 with mag extensions. Noticed longer grip and 10 round magstake my money!! Only 2 things i dont like is the dull color of the slide and the grip needs better texture to slippery. Have not shot yet but am happy ovetall. Excellent hand fitment round count, and overall innovative.

Very Impressed with the new Glock 43X!! I shoot this new 43x much better then my old Glock Went to the gunshop last Saturday to buy a Glock Had no interest in 43X or 48 until my wife picked up the 43X and remarked how much better it felt in hand than the I held it and was sold right then.

Felt like it was made for my hand. Shot it Tuesday and was quite happy with results. Side benefit: it fits most of my 9mm Shield holsters. Only complaint is the unglockly silver slide. Don't care much for that.

glock 43x plus 1

I purchased my G43X earlier this week. I owned a G43 in the past but ended up selling it as it was just too small for my hand. I had difficulty with a smooth draw and would usually have to readjust my grip after a few rounds. The original G43 is a fine firearm, it just did not really work for me. The G43X felt great in my hand and was much easier for me to draw and fire.

The extra length in the grip allowed me to have a more positive hold on it all the way through a full magazine. Accuracy was what I expected and more than adequate for self defense purposes.

I have let two other friends fire it and both liked the firearm overall. This will likely become my daily carry once I have run a few boxes of my intended carry ammo through it.

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I am a pro, double stack, Gen 4, Glock 17 and 19 fanboy. When I held this gun I immediantly fell in love with the Glock 43x.

It fits exactly the way a concealed carry handgun needs to fit in a shooters hand. This gun rivals the Glock 43 in a good way.

You cannot beat 10 rounds in 9mm. I have YouTube reviews on this gun already. Fits great with leather Relentless Tactical holsters. More features of a Gen 4 than a Gen 5 Glock. Purchased with standard factory sights. I can not wait to take this gun out to the range and am super excited about the benefits to owning this gun.

glock 43x plus 1

Thank you Glockstore!!!! Got mine the day it was released I added nightsights shots great no issues now just need more magazines my carry gun now.USA — - Ammoland. They share the same grip length and magazines; the only thing that varies is barrel length. So, not surprisingly, I liked them both and will be hard pressed to send them back. Both the 43X and 48 models are the newest edition to the Glock slimline series.

These pistols are single-stack designs and the grip height of both allows for round magazine capacity, plus an additional one in the chamber. As you might guess, both pistols share the same magazines. The Glock 43X is designed for everyday carry. The barrel measures 3.

The height is the same as that of the Glock 48 at 5. With an empty magazine, the 43X weighs just The frame is traditional Glock black polymer. The slide is a matte silver surface nPVD finish. The Glock 43X has the standard cocking serrations on the rear of the slide and also a slightly shorter pattern of the same up front.

You can take an aggressive high grip and not worry about slide bite. The magazine release is on the left but is easily reversible. The grip texture is on all four sides and is of the raised dot variety.

The face has a slightly rounded profile with vertical serrations and of course, the safety leaf in the center. Given my hand size, I found the natural trigger finger placement on this pistol to be in the first joint crease. To use the pad, I had to draw my trigger finger far enough away from the frame that it negatively impacted my firing hand grip, so I went with that felt right — with good results.

The reset required about a quarter of an inch of forward travel and was easy to feel and hear. The Glock 43X shown here is the standard model with the plastic Glock white dot sights.

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